BioCycle Magazine offer BURNT inspiration

BioCycle Magazine(c), published by The JG Press, Inc, always has articles which demonstrate initiatives to which BURNT aspires. We need to branch out into projects which provide leadership and to work with those who want to lead in Nashville. For an excellent example, check out this article about a major hotel and resort in San Diego committed to recycling and composting solid waste.  Two things are interesting in this article, included in the 17 February 2015 BioCycle:
  1. The number of things the hotel had to do to comply with San Diego recycling ordinances–no such list exists for Nashville
  2. That the hotel hit 83% diversion rate and a huge reduction in solid waste picked up every week

Part of BURNT’s goal is to select projects like this and meet people in the business community to demonstrate that being green can save Mother Earth and ca$h.