15 August 2013

Jackie Gupton

Division of the Audit

RE: Cover letters and redacted sentences For RFP 32701-01528

Dear Ms. Gupton

Thank you for the sketchy information provided on RFP 32701-0158. I knew that TDEC would absolutely refuse to follow the mandate of TCA 68-211-803 (a), (b) for the simple reason that they have flouted this law since 1991. Why should they reverse fields now when polluting landfills and excessive pollution are their bread and butter? The only thing this plan should do is comply with 68-211-803—protect citizens from landfills and utilize the resources in solid waste fro jobs Next Thursday, why not come to an Air Quality hearing on the Middlepoint landfill in Murfreesboro, which is the highest point of elevation in the county. Even though an acrid, ammonia like odor is evident even when driving by, the landfill meets standards for landfill gas. Dickson County landfill has killed people, ruined wells, and there will never be a major business investment in Dickson County until the entire country is as polluted as this county. A recently permitted landfill in Camden is a major polluter and a prime example of “friends in high places” All I asked you to do, going back six months, was to not approve this study because it did not satisfy as 23 year old law TCA 68-211-803 (a), (b) TCA 68-211-803 (a), (b) is very, very clear. Make it so that landfills do not menace people or the environment. Ensure maximum utilization of resources in solid waste That’s the law. By all appearances, you are evading the law. TDEC is not going to do any of this. TDEC is rolling their tongues around a two year planning process and hearings to develop followed by a year long rule-making process, then more hearings, and more rules. Meanwhile, how many million$ of ton$ of $olid wa$te$ are landfilled at how much ca$h income?

On 17 April your office sent me e-mail which said

“TDEC’s RFP…specifically requires compliance with Title 68, federal EPA state level planning requirements, the 1991 Tennessee State Solid Waste Plan and any updates…..”

Yes, and latest research shows there is an Easter Bunny and Santa Claus

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There seems nothing more to say. I have a long time faith in audits and auditors as professionals subject to regulation and peer review. We have dozens of letters we have sent to the Division of Audit. There are Audits on other Departments

Thank you

Bruce wood


Cc: President, Tennessee Conference NAACP

President, Nashville Branch of the NAACP