Earth Day ’16

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Earth Day’16-Page 1 &4 and  Earth Day ’16 pages 2 & 3 program completed by Dr. Blondell Strong

 BURNT and the NAACP have opted for nutrition as a tool to impact environmental justice in poor and minority youth.  Last year we did a one day event at the Hadley Park Community Center which worked with 55 youth.  We developed a strong curriculum this year.  We were not able to establish a supply of teachers or a supply of high school and junior high students to teach.  Recruiting teachers of classes and classes to teach became complicated toward the end of the school year,.  We were very fortunate that a committee member knew the Maplewood principal.       First recommendation–start organizing before the beginning of the semester..

We recruited three teachers from Hands on Nashville, one from Meharry Medical College, and three from David Lipscomb University.  We should start much earlier to recruit from college clubs and professional classes such as nutrition and nursing.  Recruiting places to teach by starting with the school board members representing where we wish to teach.   

We discussed stipends.  First, we did not have time to get them. Second, if it takes $25 to persuade someone to do something how deep is their interest.  Finally, making payments and record keeping.

RECOMMENDATION    The poor and minority who go to prison are the ones who can not read in 4th grade.   Some churches have on-going tutoring of young students who can not read and write.  Perhaps we can activate NAACP members by feeding them into these church tutoring programs

FINAL  RECOMMENDATION   Next year is our 5th Anniversary of Environmental Justice Earth Day with the NAACP.  BURNT plans to do something.  We think  that with some strategic thinking and using our experience from this year that a nutritional program can be a success. 

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Bruce Wood


 Earth Day ’16 – Page 1 & 4 final

Earth Day ’16 – pages 2 & 3 final

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