Happy 50th (Antiseptic) Birthday

This concerned the refusal of Metro government to acknowledge in the “50th Anniversary Celebration”  the two major citizen efforts—BURNT and Bells Bend which fought off a landfill and a major development.  We talk about the impact of an expanded incinerator…

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Happy 50th (Antiseptic) Birthday
A Senior Member of Mayor’s Staff
“BURNT and Bell’s Bend Are Not Part of OUR History”
If not for BURNT [and the Metro Council], we would have a $200 million incinerator and a $100 million garbage processor as downtown anchors. Bells Bend led valiant fights in 1990’s against a landfill and more recently against a mega-development. These multiple year efforts are not part of Metro history because there is no raised stage, local leaders praising progress, and cheering dutiful citizens.

Part of BURNT’s culture is the major changes we led in Nashville. We formed in December 1988 to stop the expansion of the downtown incinerator—a $200 million project. We stopped a $100 million garbage separator for Rutledge Hill. We stopped the Rendering Plant, and a liquid hazardous waste processor in Cockrill Bend. At every step we worked with citizens and neighborhoods, government, and business. . SOME LESSONS –If the incinerator expanded and the garbage separator built, Nashville would have 250 garbage trucks making round trips every day. No New York Times article as an ‘IT’ city…instead articles in Waste News —the incinerator decision came down to Councilman Guy Bates who had the votes but delayed indefinitely because he said “this is not the time to make long term land use decisions in all this turmoil.” How many times in politics are winning votes sacrificed for uncertainty and values? —we saved Rutledge Hill from garbage processing. Now, two of the major buildings used for upscale non-profits. Who profits?
—If the Rendering Plant continued to operate, neither the football stadium or the practice facility
would be located in Nashville. Metro Center took off…taxes for the city—thank you, BURNT
—BURNT enjoys working on land use decisions in local government because nothing rivals the
corruption of state solid waste. This is very truthful.
Metro $olid Wa$te A Glaring Example of Bad Government
Landfilling 700,000 ton$ out of county I$ big money. The $olid wa$te ‘indu$try’ is ba$ically
tran$porting wa$te—500,000 ton$ to Murfree$boro and 200,000 ton$ to Camden. Very few
companie$ benefit from thi$ $140 million windfall. U$e $olid wa$te a$ a raw material to create job$. The $olution I$ very $imple—-$eparate out food wa$te, yard wa$te, and paper for compo$ting, reduce green hou$e ga$$es, and create job$. Thi$ is doable and manageable. Our Public Work$ Department doe$ a very, very bad job on $olid wa$te. We are right out of the 1950’$ with high co$t tran$port and pollution of water and people in other citie$. The flag$hip $olid wa$te program ‘CURBY’ co$t$ $1 million to divert 13,000 Ton$ of waste annually….Out of 1 million ton$…1% of wa$te $tream CURBY Doe$ Not Help Camden or Murfree$boro.