Letter to State Board re: Solid Waste Act

The 1991 Solid Waste Act was launched with a formal, public three year planning effort defined by  the 1988 Solid Waste Act.  The resulting 1991 Solid Waste Act is 25 years old. It has fostered more landfilling than recycling and composting.   Problems include local and state tabulation of solid waste, poor definition of what is solid waste and what is recyclable, and apparent low rates of recycling.   Page references in the letter are to the 2015-2025 State Solid Waste Plan…..LINK:   2015-2025 Solid Waste and Materials Management Plan

Please find attached a letter from BURNT to Stacy Cothran, Chair of  the State of the Tennessee Underground Storage Tanks and Solid Waste

Control Board. >pg   2-3,4,5    Waste Stream numbers and that US EPA has a completely different scale to measure solid waste and recycling;   

 >pg. 3, Summary of Tennessee waste reporting problems. 

 >pg. 5–8 Detailed exam of local solid waste reporting.  By law individual businesses can refuse to report

  >pg. 8–11– Tennessee proposes to turn control of solid waste reporting and regulating to local governments which have refused a more active role and overtly support landfills as the most expedient solution to solid waste

 >pg. 12-15       Waste Diversion and Class III/IV Landfills–Tennessee landfills construction waste

 >pg. 15-18       Recycling and Conclusion

NOTE     Edits and Corrections, pg. 19

This legislation has not worked.  Twenty five years after passage and Tennessee is the only state which gives credit for landfilling construction waste which can often be recycled (see page 14, Class III/IV landfills)   Read the letter above then go to the 2015-2025 State Solid Waste Plan to understand  how we arrived at the point where the state can not even assemble reports on recyclables.