BURNT Goes To Metro Council

BURNT attends many Metro Council meetings because of the issues and talented elected and non-elected people participate.  We usually have a written flyer which leaves a record of our issues.  On May 20 2014 (mis-labeled mc20april2014), we discussed the Murfreesboro landfill used by Metro and which state officials continue to insist does pollute or cause odor problems. Testimony at the hearing about the Middle Point landfill in August 2013 stated   “I live about 1 ½ miles from the landfill as the crow flies. I have lived in my house for 28 years. For the first 18 years it was not an issue. In the last 10 years it has been a major issue. Being able to go out and sit on my porch in the back and have to put up with this smell and all the poor air quality that’s coming from the landfill”. Hearing Comment #9, pg. 18-19.

Mass transit continues to be a challenge in Nashville.  We appreciate the efforts of the city leadership to tackle this problem.  It has been very difficult.  Yet, lost in the shuffle  is that compared to cities like Charlotte North Carolina and Denver,  Nashville has a woeful transit system losing ground yearly.  It would seem that doing any thing would be preferable even if later the first choice of route and transport was seen to be the 3rd or 4th best option
                                              NASHVILLE NUMBERS–Metro budget hearing
This is for the Citizen Budget hearing, a formality (mcJune2014).  Yet, the “BURNT Numbers” encapsulate many issues ranging from income disparity to people who are drinking well water which is a safety and health hazard of the highest degree.  People drinking well water in the city are susceptible to high pollution.  This is in both flyers.  Please note that Nashville could have 840 full time jobs through recycling and composting waste if our city was not so committed to landfilling.   And, it is very interesting that we are spending $71 million on a Triple A Baseball Stadium which can not be upgraded to major league status.
BURNT did alot of important work at the Metro Council and the Metro Health Board.  Working through the government we created miracles by closing chronic operating polluters including the downtown incinerator, the Rendering Plant, the Liquid Hazardous Waste Processor in Cockrill Bend, and the incinerator near the Bridgestone Tire Plant. and stopped the $100 million garbage processor on Rolling Mill Hill.    BURNT did not know how to capitalize on these victories.  We are still using the same skills in the effort against the powerful state solid waste interests.   Talent is important.