North Nashville—Left Out and Forgotten

The attached flyer to Metro Council quotes a study by the Metro Planning Department  that there was per capita income of $10,671 in North Nashville while remainder of Davidson County had a per capita income of $22,684  [2000 Census numbers].  In 2006,North Nashville income increased to $11,136. [attached]

A flagrant example of environmental justice–Fisk, General Hospital, and Meharry Medical College  are neighbors on Albion Street.   Does the street bustle with banks, places to eat, copy stores, and drug  stores like every other hospital or university?Absolutely not.  It is bleak as far as commercial or residential development.  However, 15 blocks away Metro Nashville invested $2 billion ($2,000,000,000) in two Convention Centers, an Arena, a Hall of Fame, a Symphony, three up-scale hotels.

For the PDF click here:  October 7 2010