BURNT Victory: Demolition of the Nashville Incinerator Tower

BURNT is an all-volunteer group dedicated to environmental advocacy for Tennessee.

Since 1988, we’ve been improving the environment through citizen involvement with government, business and academia.

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BURNT is one of the only public groups in Tennessee concerned with the critical, interrelated issues of solid waste management, chemical pollution and land use – topics that affect every single Tennessee resident.

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Earth Day Recap…

55 youth, adults, and NAACP members gathered at the Hadley Park Community Center on Earth Day, April 22, to celebrate Environmental  Justice Earth Day with a program geared toward youth and nutrition. BURNT has a long history of observing environmental justice. Our issues–solid waste, landfills, chemicals, and pesticides have a significant impact on poor and minority.  Those with the worst health suffer the greatest pollution yet have the fewest tools to fight back.  Our events are targeted toward poor and minority.   At the “Environmental Justice Earth Day” we taught the youth that 50% of their calories came from sugar in soft drinks.  We thank Ms. Barbara A. Manual the Director of  the Hadley Park Community Center for hosting this event three years in a row. Dr. Blondell Strong and the NAACP compiled the program.  Community Food Advocates, Green Fork Academy, Master Gardeners of Davidson County,  Earth Saver’s-TN, and the NAACP were among those groups which participate.   Attached is the program for the event: Earth Day Program 2015...

TDEC Develops Solid Waste Plan 2015-2025

The Division of Solid Waste recently unveiled their Solid Waste Plan 2015-2025 (available here). The new Plan embraced all the elements of the past with vague promises for change.  Tennessee will remain the only state to credit landfilled construction waste as diverted, wildly inaccurate local reports will be expanded, and emphasis on rural waste will remain instead of larger counties which create the majority of solid waste.  Sometime in the future, regulations for landfills will be reviewed even though there are amply regulations now to control landfill pollution. Below is a letter to a State Solid Waste Board member then a longer letter to the Commissioner. “11 April 2015 Alan Leiserson, Member Underground Storage Tanks and Solid Waste Control Board You and I have a unique view on the Solid Waste Plan 2015-2025.  We testified before a Joint Government Operations Rule Committee in December 2011 where the Plan was a central point.  The Committee could not understand how I could oppose a TDEC Planning  effort. This Plan perfectly expresses that opposition. This Plan does nothing except continue the present status of Tennessee solid waste.  There is nothing but vague promises for future change.  The loop-hole riddled  local reporting where local governments report only on what they personally collect and guess on the rest, the unique  to Tennessee rule of allowing landfilled construction waste to count as diverted which inflates Tennessee recycling numbers, and the polluting landfills are ignored. The Department states that only complaints from local citizens will trigger remediation of landfills even though Tennessee is ranked 44th among all states in well being which reflects education, citizen participation, job opportunities,...

3rd Annual “Environmental Justice Earth Day” Delivers Food and Nutrition to Minority Youth

On 22 April 2015, the 45th Anniversary of the founding of Earth Day, the Nashville Branch of the NAACP and BURNT will lead a coalition of community groups to deliver a strong message to poor and minority youth on food and nutrition  at the Hadley Park Community Center from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Community Food Advocates and  their Mobile Food Market will be there for the youth to tour and to give information on food deserts.  Green Fork Academy will prepare a  healthy snack for participants and discuss nutrition. A representative of Mathew Walker will discuss diabetes and other illnesses in which nutrition plays a role.   Former Metro Council member Kwame Lillard will talk about environmental justice. The Master Gardeners will distribute seedlings and plants. Earth Savers-TN will discuss composting and gardening. BACKGROUND:Earth Day was founded on April 22 1970 and is considered the beginning of the modern environmental movement. ‘Environmental Justice Earth Day’ began as a Resolution written by the Nashville NAACP and adapted by the National NAACP. The Resolution will be available at the event and all participants will be available for interviews. View/download event...

BioCycle Magazine offer BURNT inspiration

BioCycle Magazine(c), published by The JG Press, Inc, always has articles which demonstrate initiatives to which BURNT aspires. We need to branch out into projects which provide leadership and to work with those who want to lead in Nashville. For an excellent example, check out this article about a major hotel and resort in San Diego committed to recycling and composting solid waste.  Two things are interesting in this article, included in the 17 February 2015 BioCycle: The number of things the hotel had to do to comply with San Diego recycling ordinances–no such list exists for Nashville That the hotel hit 83% diversion rate and a huge reduction in solid waste picked up every week Part of BURNT’s goal is to select projects like this and meet people in the business community to demonstrate that being green can save Mother Earth and ca$h....