Pervasive Chemicals

  Pervasive Chemicals Multiplying In Our Bodies and Environment

 The link below leads to ‘Health Render’ with a variety of articles on multiple chemicals in our food, air, and bodies.  An article from ‘Scientific American’ found that chemicals in personal care products were pervasive in Chicago air. A little known fact: our water treatment plants do not process or clean pharmaceutical medicines we eliminate, over the counter the medications, or shampoos or soaps.  So, as rivers flow past one city after another, they accumulate these chemicals.

Another study determined products designed for newborns, babies, and toddlers“…including car seats, breastfeeding pillows, changing pads and other items made with polyuretherane  foam, found that 80 per cent of the products tested contained chemical flame retardants that are considered toxic.”  The peer-reviewed study was published in the Environmental Science & Technology Journal.

The issue of pervasive chemicals is a plague on our bodies, lives, and society.Unfortunately it is a silent plague.   Citizens do not take on multi-national businesses which have free reign to use any of the 80,000 untested and unregulated chemicals.  There is a link to landfills.  The chemicals enter the food chain through insects eating the landfilled materials and then being eaten by birds and on up the food chain.

These are truly pervasive chemicals.  Apparent increases in birth defects, autism, cancer, obesity, and other chronic illnesses chemicals may be linked to these chemicals.  We need to WAKE UP.  A real question—what do businesses want to introduce these chemicals into our bodies and brains?

BURNT has had successes in pesticides.  In the early 1990’s we worked well with the Metro Schools to clean up many dangerous practices in application of chemicals.  We stopped at the State Legislature an effort to eliminate local option on regulating chemicals.  And, recently, we fought for years open spraying for mosquitoes by Metro.  In each instance, we had outstanding, dedicated, and capable citizens leading these campaigns.