Peter Anderson Comes to the Tennessee General Assembly (in a sense…)

Peter Anderson’s  famous quote is “If you begin with the content of solid waste, solutions fall like rain from the sky.”   This says it all–make your plans on the actual content of solid waste, not on the number of garbage trucks, landfills, or local reports.  Tennessee and local governments virtually ignore the content of solid waste for quotas, reports, and inaccurate statistics.

This is leading up to a hearing on a Rule to further obscure state and local numbers by allowing “Qualitative Assessment” local reports which allows the state to pass more local governments as meeting the 25% waste reduction goal.  Already, local governments get credit toward the 25% goal for diversion or recycling for construction waste which is landfilled,  even though construction waste is the richest waste for recycling and creating jobs.  Less than half of the local governments meet the 25% 
waste reduction goal even with gaping loop-holes. 
**Peter Anderson did not attend the General Assembly–he was represented by his famous quote.