Rolling Mill Hill


Improving the environment through citizen involvement with government, business and academia.
  In our southern state, BURNT has shut down chronic polluters [incinerator, Rendering Plant, stopped garbage processor on Rolling Mill Hill, closed a liquid hazardous waste plant in Cockrill Bend] which led to major increases in value of commercial real estate and property taxes.   BURNT makes good decisions based on research and we work for years to gain support for our policies.
BURNT believes most business is clean  and business needs a clean environment
BURNT has significant experience with pesticides in Metro and state government.  We follow the issues.  We think humans are saturated with these ‘trace’ chemicals.  Women are particular targets as the baby picks up the chemicals in the womb. Every river i n the world has a ‘dead zone’ where nothing recognizable lives because nitrates and agriculture chemicals   wash down yet we allow business, agriculture,  and   pharmaceutical businesses almost a free hand.  Think about cancer, birth defects, autism, peanut allergies,and growing mental illness to understand  something is wrong.  “We have met the enemy and it is us”
BURNT has worked on the Dickson County Landfill  since 2005.   The groundwater has spread the industrial solvents, fiberglass waste, and pesticides out 12 square miles from the 75 acre landfill.  Yet, this was done legally, under full regulation by the State and US EPA.   Now, the governments have left, the landfill is closed and everybody has gone except the descendants of freed slaves who first came to Eno Road in 1865.  The point:  our mindless rush to endless permutations of chemicals in consumer and business practices is making all of us Dickson County Landfills and it is spreading not through ground water but generation to generation through the women.
Thank you