Shortcomings of the TDEC Solid Waste Report

BURNT analyzed the TDEC Solid Waste Report and found many faults. We wrote to the Attorney General, the Governor, the Commissioner, and the Division of Audit, yet received only one perfunctory reply. There can be no doubt that TDEC solid waste policy is a group effort.

We found in an economy which took advantage of highly processed raw materials in solid waste there would be almost nothing to landfill. We found that TDEC violates Tennessee Code Annotated 69-211-803 which requires that solid waste facilities do not injure people or the environment. We found that compostable food waste is the largest landfilled waste stream which insures that landfills hurt people and the environment. We found that TDEC and the State solid Waste Board materially changed the conclusions of the Solid Waste Task force, which repudiates the repetitive cry of the Tennessee municipal league for no unfunded solid waste mandates. It is the cities hosting the landfills which suffer unfunded mandates.

TDEC_Annual_Report.letters (pdf)