Solid Waste Reform

Solid Waste Reform –BURNT Writes To the Commissioner 
BURNT wrote a 6 page letter in May 2014 to TDEC Commissioner Bob Martineau (TestimonyMay2014).   The biggest impediment to reform of Tennessee solid waste is that the Department (TDEC) thinks everything is fine.  We included testimony from a hearing on the largest landfill in the State–Middle Point in Murfreesboro.  [556490_01_00 —Murfreesboro Testimony]    The people stunk out by this landfill did not think everything was fine.  Gut wrenching testimony about terrible odors traveling 2 miles from the landfill was heard.  Here is an example of what the State gets away with.  The State Division of Air Quality claims to not regulate odors!!!  How can an Air Quality Division not regulate odors?  This is not what it says in the board powers.
Multiple groups are working on Tennessee solid waste reform—Sierra Club and also some national organizers, Tennessee Environmental Council, SOCM, and individuals.  
Our main points are that landfills across the state are polluting and this violates TCA 68-211-803 which mandates that the State prevent solid waste facilities from hurting the environment and citizens.  Second, there is a solution–let the multi-national landfill companies lead the way on large scale composting across the state which eliminates from the landfills the paper, food, and yard waste which cause the pollution.  
We also included an Expert Witness report by Professional Geologist Mark Quarles (AdvisoryCommittee) and the ‘Task Force Concepts‘ which was the work of a two year planning effort by leading Public Works officials across the state.  The Task Force Concepts’ were meant to guide rule making but were suppressed because recycling and reduced landfill conflict with major landfill companies and the Department.   The ‘Task Force’ which pushed for marked reduction of landfills and increase in recycling.  This position was suppressed because it violated the position of TDEC and the multinational landfill corporations.  
Expert witnesses!  Solutions based on multinational landfill companies leading the way!!!. A coalition of citizens—what more do you want as the effort for solid waste reform unfolds?