The Solid Waste Task Force

TDEC and the Solid Waste Advisory board formed the solid Waste Task Force following passage of Public Chapter 0462. in year 2007
The Task Force was created to facilitate a new ‘Waste Reduction Rule’ however, on this basis, it was a failure. The bottom of page 3, Public Chapter 0462 , [link above] contains the specific information the Board has to consider to develop a “Waste Reduction Rule”— “incentives”, “disincentives”, “public education”, “costs and benefits of recycling”, or “the widely varying circumstances of the different solid waste regions”. TDEC failure to comply with this requirement led to our current appeal of this Rule.
We noticed that 24 out of 24 Task Members were white and 22 out of 24 were men. Basically, the Task Force was composed of Public Works and solid Waste managers from across the state…and they were very sharp. The Task Force members knew solid waste, they knew landfills and they wanted “Zero Waste”. TDEC staff worked hard to indoctrinate the group—repeatedly asserting that ground waster pollution from landfills was not a concern and that stopping landfilling food waste due to injury to landfills and green house gasses was not a concern.
This was a concerned, capable group. TDEC took their recommendations and “Findings” and developed a “Waste Reduction Rule” which had little to do with the “Findings”. The board voted down this Rule because the same Board member who led the vote in 2012 was against this Rule. For some reason, the US EPA is among the Agencies which were really concerned with this Rule. We are now appealing the 2nd ‘solid waste Rule under this Public Chapter 0462
From the Task Force Files—reducing, eliminating, composting waste
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• “Zero Waste” Goodyear Union City Environmental Coordinators Report
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