Tennessee Solid Waste Plan Allegedly Near Completion

Tennessee commissioned a Solid Waste Plan 2015-2025 in spring 2014.  This DRAFT Plan (see link) has inadvertently exposed the weaknesses of the the TDEC system.

This plan:

  1. Is very unfriendly to citizen participation–no apparent meetings with groups and does not reprint letters sent in.  The Nashville hearing Tuesday is 2 hours and the vendor takes up one hour;
  2. Is very inadequate for a $327,000 study—see the attached PDF; and
  3. Inadvertently exposes the terrible weaknesses of TDEC— amorphous goals, bad numbers, and both TDEC and this plan ignore landfills.

Please remember–as far as climate change, solid waste creates methane gas from landfilled food, yard, and paper waste which is very serious climate change threat.

Points BURNT has repeatedly made on this issue:

  1. Construction waste is key material to recycle and create jobs.
  2. Food waste hurts landfills and creates dangerous methane— use it for animal feed and human food.
  3. From plastic to paper we are landfilling alot of waste which should be used to create jobs.
  4. The multi-national landfill companies have the skillls to do more than run landfills–recycle construction waste and process food waste to make animal waste.